New Challenge - Colourless Blender

>> Monday, September 19, 2011

Hi Copic fans

Gin here with your next challenge:

Colourless Blender - use your 0 marker to create an effect or pattern

Now before that sends you into a panic, 
here's an example of just how simple experimenting with your blender can be...
Using the materials below (plus my scissors and a texture plate), I was able to create the following card:

I was going for an oriental layered effect with this piece of blending card.
First I coloured the whole area using B99 (a dark colour works best).
(*) Then I coloured my stamp with 0 (I only used the top half of the stamp).#
Before the ink dried on the stamp (it happens really quick) I stamped it onto the card.
I held the stamp there for a while to ensure transfer of 0 to the page.
Repeat from (*) as desired.
# Spritzing with 0 refill is another option to 'colour' the stamp.
Then I used a texture plate on the blending card before attaching it to the rest of my card :-)
I look forward to seeing your creations this fortnight :-)

If your Colourless Blender is getting low, 
now is the time to visit the Mad for Markers store
Don't put it off, we want to see your creations :-)


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