Water in a fish bowl.

>> Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good morning everyone!
boy oh boy, i have been reading up on colouring a wet look or water these past few days. i was worried about this challenge as it is not an easy  thing to colour a wet look image.
for my card i did not want to use glossy accents etc for the wet look, i really wanted to get the effect just with my markers. so i went to one of my favorite blogs and searched it to find a tutorial on colouring water and there were heaps!!! this is the tutorial i used from I like markers. it really helped me get the grasp on how water looks in glass.
I used a greeting farm image for this card Oliver from my favorite things. you can find many Oliver and Amelia stamps over on the mad 4 markers website.
Here is my card.

Along with the glass of water tutorial to get the goldfish looking right i also used a faded jean effect of Olivers jeans.

Here are the markers i used.

I think next time i might have a go at colouring a pond or lake for my wet effect!

Tara :)


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