Multiliner Challenge....I mean challenge!!

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well I have to admit that I am finding this month's challenge to be a real challenge.  This week I thought instead of just adding a couple of lines in the background of a stamped image (which is the extent of my expertise with a multiliner) that I would try my hand at drawing.  What was I thinking??? haha.

 Exhibit A - Sam's Funny Fish Outline
I did copy this very closely from a cross-stitch book as I often thought some of the designs would great as stamps images. 

Exhibit B - Sam's Funny Fish Coloured
Sorry I didn't do any shading due to time restrictions.

 Exhibit C - Sam's Funny Fish Extra bits
 After I finished I decided to add some-more multiliner bits in on the eyes - eg lashes and eyeball.

All the copics including Multiliners can be purchased at the Mad for Markers store.

Happy Crafting
Sam xx
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