The many uses for mulitliners.

>> Thursday, October 4, 2012

hello there!
 this morning i have a few things to share with you that i have used multi-liners with. and for this post, i also enlisted the help of my daughter Zoe.
She is an excellent artist. she can just look at something from a movie of an object and just draw it. for 11 years old i think that's great.
While i coloured some images in to share she went and drew a few draw pics and then used a black 0.3 multi-liner to trace what she had drawn.

Here is what she drew and used the multi liner for.

and while Zoe did this above, i stamped a few onesies from the greeting farm build a onesie set. With my black 0.5 multi-liner i dres some stripes circles and patterns on it to show you all how you can add character to a plain image.
The multi-liners come a great range of colours. not just black and they come in several different styles. you can get re fillable ones,just like your copic marker or you can buy the disposable ones they are a lot cheaper but once they run out you need to re buy the whole thing again.
all of these choices can be found at the mad for markers store

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Tara :)


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