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>> Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello there!
So i did not know what i wanted to create today until yesterday i received an email from a  friend telling me about an internet friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was quite a shock because she is a young and healthy person. Anyway my friend said she is getting a bunch of us to make cards to post to her and i thought i would love to make one and share it with you all here as well as send it to her in America.
Some odd girls has a bunch of great stamps, which you can buy at Mad for Markers. this particular image is actually a digital image (available direct from Some Odd Girl) but i had to use it as it has the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon her dress.

As you can see the Y and YR colours go great with the pinks!.

here are the colours i used.

I really hope she likes the card.

Tara :)


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