G and YG colours.

>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

hello everyone!
todays post is a little late due to computer issues but i have for you today a cute little greeting farm image to share.
I actually coloured one of the new äs the crow fly's"images for this post but a certain cat.......yes you know its you Loki.....walked over my desk and spread all sorts of yuck over everything i was doing! ink and paw prints everywhere!!! silly silly cat! lucky it was not staz on...that would have been a BIG clean up!!!!
anyway here is my card!

to colour this card i used  the following copic markers.....

E50,42,43 for the hair
V12,15,17 for the top and beads
YG 03,06,09,g14, for the mermaid tail
R00,E11,13,RV32 for the skin

Tara :)


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